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Slab Innovation Inc. & Les Pierres Royales obtiennent conjointement aux États-Unis le brevet no.11,654,594 B2 pour « Method and System for Demolding a Flexible Mold of Dried Wet-Cast Concrete Products»

mardi 23 mai 2023

Définition d’un co-inventeur (É.-U.)

jeudi 4 mai 2023

Dans l’affaire « HIP, Inc., v. Hormel Foods Corp., 2022-1696, — F.4th — (Fed. Cir. May 2, 2023)« , la Cour Fédérale américaine rappelle la définition de co-inventeur:

(1) contributed in some significant manner to the conception of the invention;

(2) made a contribution to the claimed invention that is not insignificant in quality, when that contribution is measured against the dimension of the full invention; and

(3) did more than merely explain to the real inventors well-known concepts and/or the current state of the art.